Julian Meetings are held monthly on the first Monday at The Rectory commencing at 7.30pm. The meetings start with a short introduction followed by a piece of music which leads into about 30 minutes of silent contemplative prayer and ending with another piece of music. This is followed by a time for tea or coffee and conversation.

The main guidelines are that the meetings are centred on contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition and welcomes people of all denominations. We encourage people to seek what is right for them; to discover how they can integrate contemplation into their daily prayer life and how personal and group contemplative prayer can enrich each other. Our prayers are intended to support the ministry of God’s church in Malpas and the local community.

Contemplative prayer has been a part of Christianity from the beginning. Jesus spent whole nights alone in prayer and The Desert Fathers and our own Celtic hermits sought places to be alone with God. It also was the main form of worship within monastic communities.

Since the 1960s when mysticism and meditation became popular in eastern countries, there has been a revival within the Church of its ancient tradition of contemplative prayer. Today there are more than 400 Julian Meetings in the UK and a growing number worldwide.
We encourage anyone from any denomination to come and try this unique form of prayer for themselves. You will be most welcome.

For further information contact Brian Fletcher on 01948 861152.