Malpas Mothers’ Union 75 Years

Malpas Mothers’ Union has just commemorated 75 years of activity in Malpas.

Over the years there has been a strong membership (giving long years of service and support) working steadily to spread the work of the MU in prayer, fellowship and fundraising.

Traditionally the Mothers’ Union has had its membership mainly around mothers. However, it is a little known fact that all are welcome. It is inclusive to all who care about children and families in need in the UK and worldwide.

As we know there are over 4 million members around the world with like minds, who care deeply about children’s needs, family issues and individual communities who suffer indignities, abuse, hunger, thirst and unnecessary illness, (much being fatal) trying to do what they can to alleviate such problems.
Working with other groups e.g. Child Poverty, Citizens Advice, Royal College of Midwives etc., we campaign against sexualisation of children, for valuing maternity and to challenge legislation that neglects the vulnerable! We have programmes where we try to meet the needs of families and people at all levels in our communities, such as parenting skills, health education, prison work etc. We work worldwide on these issues.

From 2013 Comic Relief will be helping MU to train more facilitators for literacy and numeracy skills in Burundi.

I am sure that we would all agree that we would wish this good work and Christian support to continue for another 75 years in Malpas.

It is our challenge to “love mercy, seek justice and walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8)

One of the ways that we are doing this in 2013 is by encouraging the younger generation to join us in our endeavours, by providing the opportunity to attend evening meetings.

I personally would like to say how I recognise and respect all the hard work this branch and yourselves have achieved and maintained over the years. Well done EVERYONE!!If you are interested in learning more about the main projects that the Mothers’ Union is involved with, or would like to come along to one of our meetings, please contact:

  • Pauline Plumb (Branch Leader) 01948 861345
  • Ann Welby (Secretary) 01948 861475
  • Rose Roberts (Treasurer) 01948 820414