November 2019                                                   


Dear All, We have come to the month of a special remembering once again as we turn towards the close of yet another year. It is no coincidence to me that it is as we approach the close of one year and look forward to another that we should pause to honour those who gave their all that we might enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted and so each New Year is a fresh start on the journey towards the creation of a world in which all have a part to play . Millions died between the years 1914 to 1945 and have in conflicts since and are doing so today. The honour paid to those who “ gave their today for our tomorrow” is most truly shown in the lives of all who live peaceful lives and who strive to bring peace to an at times confused world where hatred and misplaced nationalism still reigns in people . We shall gather in our churches on Remembrance Sunday and as Last Post rings out its sombre note let us again bow our heads in gratitude and pay our own tribute and as Reveille calls out let us rededicate ourselves in the service of peace ,freedom and justice for all . All should be the sworn foes of all forms of inhumanity to people and it is my belief that we can only rest from this task when all live in peace and without fear. Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day is indeed one of the most special times of the year.

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