Letter from the Rector            December 2020

Dear All,

Greetings for Advent, Christmas and the New Year. As I write we are in the middle of a second lockdown in England during this very sad year for the whole world community. We all know of the heartbreak, anxiety and sadness of these very worrying months of Coronavirus. So many have died and so many are bereaved. Throughout it all though the light of goodness, love and dedication, of skill; and self giving and of community spirit has shone through again and again. So many are giving their all to help us and we are grateful. Our thanks to our wonderful NHS, Care Home Staff and all Key Workers is immense, our prayer should be for them in the long hours and stress of the work they do. We are all affected in the suffering of others and so my prayer this Christmas time is that all may know the peace that the Christ Child came to bring in the midst of the worst pandemic to hit us all in a very long time. Pray too for those in Government and Parliament who have major decisions to make on a daily basis. This is the backdrop to our celebration this year of the birth of The Prince of Peace which Christian people the world over celebrate on the 25th December. The good news is, I believe that a new light came into the world when Jesus was born and although the darkness may seem to all but engulf us at times the light that is Christ can never be extinguished. The message of Christmas is therefore one of hope for us all both in our personal situations, in our local communities, nationally and internationally and this gives me reason to look forward once again in the weeks of Advent to Jesus birth for me and for you and for all people. People of all faiths and none also have this same sense of hope, if expressed in a different way. There is so much goodness in the world as we all know and see evidence of in our daily lives and so the other side of the Christmas Celebration is a huge thanksgiving for lives lived for others and their good and wellbeing. Let’s celebrate that too and let us also approach Christmas and another year in 2021 with hope in our hearts and with a prayer on our lips that as the New Year opens before us the light that we know is there at the end of the tunnel will come closer and closer to us .

God bless you all and our keeping of this season,

Ian. Rector

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