February 2020 

Letter from the Rector

Lent 2020

The call is to prayer in Lent which begins on the 26th February. And we will do it together as a Benefice as we gather in St Oswald’s at 10am and also at 7 30pm on that day. In thesetwo acts of worship we will begin our observance of one of the most special times of the churches year.
It is a time to take stock and to ponder on the love of God for each one of us and of our own walk with God and then of our relationship to each other and the wider family here in this community and beyond. There is much in the world that surely saddens us all and none more so for me than when the God given right to be happy and to live in peace is denied.
Part of our prayer must be that a new day opens up for the world family and all can live and grow as the people God intends us all to be. Having said that there is so much good going on around us all as well and although it may not make news headlines all the time we can all think of people and situations where love ,joy and peace shines through very brightly and part so our prayer is to give thanks for every time that love breaks through and so reveals something of the love of God to us all.
Above all we can use Lent just to bask in God’s love for us and to grow daily into that love and find in that love the answer to our deepest needs. May Lent be a growing time for us all and then we can also enter ever more deeply into the love of God as shown forth in the death of Jesus on the cross for us and then enter into the glory of Easter Day.
Your friend and Rector

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