Dear friends,

I am writing this during lockdown, behind closed doors. Everywhere is eerily quiet. In these days after Easter I have been thinking about the disciples of Jesus and the events after Easter for them. The disciples too were in lockdown. They were shut in behind locked doors, fearful of what might happen to them in the aftermath of recent events in which they have seen Jesus crucified, dead and buried in a sealed, stone tomb. When Jesus died on the cross, life could not have looked any worse for his followers. It was all over, hopes dashed, lives changed forever – or so it seemed. Imagine then how they must have felt when the risen Jesus appears to them in their locked room. Jesus stands among them giving them solid proof that he is totally alive. He eats with them, he speaks to them – “Peace be with you” – and he shows them the wounds of his suffering.

 In this time of uncertainty and distress we may well be asking if life will ever be quite the same for us again. But Jesus is alive today and that changes everything for us too. He entered that locked room because he knew what his followers needed for their hope to be restored. And He is with us in our lockdown. He understands what we are facing. He recognises our doubts and fears. And He gives us a solid hope. Friends, may you know God’s presence and peace at this time. As the lockdown continues, and we do our bit to help save lives – each one so treasured, and so precious to God – may we continue to support and encourage one another, and may we put our hope in the Risen Jesus.

Revd Helen, your Curate.

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