Letter from the Rector

Dear All,

Its some weeks now since we began the lockdown and our lives changed in so many ways.Our constant prayer is for those who have been affected personally by coronavirus be thatin self or family and friends and wider community. So many have died and so many liveshave been touched for ever by this terrible virus. Private and corporate prayer is unceasing around the world. I have felt hugely uplifted by that prayer and hope that you are too and rust in God for His help and sustaining when all around can seem bleak and uncertain. I find that I need someone to take all the anxiety and concerns to and feel those same concerns shared when in prayer and my spirit enlivened. God is our strength and refuge.

Again and again our spirits are lifted by the shining example of service and dedication by those who are front line workers and also those who by kindly and supportive ways have kept the lamp of hope burning brightly. Community spirit flourishes .

In June we thought of those who gave their all in Europe during the Second World War on the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and so on the 15th August we will recall the sacrifice of all those who fought in the war in the far east on the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day. So many gave their lives that we might be free. Those who returned home were damaged people as a result of their experience in war. My uncle on my father’s side of the family fought in Burma. He was proud to have done all he could for King and Country but he never spoke  of what actually happened . When he died at only 69 in 1987 the Burma Star Association  was represented. I will never forget the sight as long as I live. Quiet dignity in tribute from one comrade to another.

World community is suffering again and now as then many are helping us all in our hour of need. May God be praised for them.

In His Name

Ian. Rector.

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As we go to press we have heard that churches across the country can  start to hold services again.

We very much hope that St Oswald’s will open its doors again for worship on the 12th July. We will let everyone know more details in the next few days

Thank you
Ian, Rector and The Churchwardens.