Happy Easter to Everyone.

I write this at a time of great upheaval in our nation and with much prayer that the
problems that have so consumed Parliament for some time now will soon be resolved and
we can all move forward once more not only as a nation ourselves but as members of the
wider world wide family of nations. One may be tempted to despair by all that is going on
but then we only have to look at the general pattern of life with its highs and its lows and
with its confusions as well as its uncertainties. The ministry and mission of Jesus was also
filled with the mixture that we all face and we can take hope from His pattern which was to
trust in the undying love of His Father and of His leading and His guidance in all His
living. His life took him to a Cross which in earthly terms was defeat writ large but was to
be a new beginning and coupled with Easter Day was the dawn of a new hope for all the
world. It is to the crucified and Risen Lord that Christians look and in His victory we see
new possibilities where there seems only chaos and defeat. If we look at the many
problems that affect our lives at times in the light of an Easter Faith we too can have
renewed hope and move forward with confidence .

May Easter be special for us all and also a new beginning for people of all nations.

Your friend and Rector, Ian.

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