Letter from the Rector            October 2020

Dear All,
Late September and October are the months when we celebrate Harvest Festivals in our churches and schools. Its a chance to say a special thank you for the wonder of creation and for those who work the land and sea that we might have food to eat and clothes to wear and
so in our agriculturally based communities let us say a huge thank you to those who work that we might live. In these difficult times of Coronavirus, Harvest is an opportunity to say a huge thank you to those who are working so hard on our behalf and in the processing,distribution and retail industry as well as on the farms and to those who bring milk to our
doorstep or local shop .We say thank you for all those who work in the various industries that enable us to have light and heat in our homes and for those who use can use the richness of the earths resources to help in so many ways. Harvest to me is also about celebrating caring and sharing and so much of that is going on in these difficult days . Community is strong and all benefit .

At the beginning of November each year the church celebrates another feast of community namely that of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Both are about rejoicing in the community that spans earth and heaven and links the two in the love of God. On the morning of the 1st November we will “ rejoice in God’s Saints today and all days” as the hymn has it. People whom the light and so the love of Jesus has shone through. In the
evening of the same day we will have the opportunity to reflect on the lives and the love of those near and dear to us who although gone from our earthly sight are still joined to us in the love of God.
May each of us know the Lords blessings in these days and always

In His Name. Ian Rector.

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