On Sunday 16th August we remembered VJ Day and gave thanks for the victory that brought the Second World War to an end. We recalled the courage, fortitude and teamwork that enabled us to triumph over the enemy. The Service of  Rememberance for all  those who lost their lives in the service of freedom ,peace and justice. The act of Remembrance and Dedication at St Oswald’s Church has been video’d and  Nick Toosey whose father served in the Far East and then went on to help set up the Far Eastern Prisoners of War Association gave a short speech at the 11am Parish Communion Service at St Oswald’s Church  in Malpas.

There are 3 FILMS which have now been posted onto YouTube by Angela Witter at “Witter-On“.

If you would like to watch any of the films please click on the Links below.

Film 1 .- Introduction given on Sunday 16th August by The Rector Ian Davenport  ( please click here)

Film 2 – Reflection by Nick Toosey on VJ Day (please click here)

Film 3 – Final Part of Victory in Japan Day (please click here)

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